Draft DM motion: Al-Araby

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

This DM notes that Al-Araby TV has dismissed two NUJ M/FoCs, has done everything it can to stop NUJ recognition, refused to involve the unions in redundancy talks and, instead, asked staff to elect representatives to take part in the talks. NUJ members who were elected became subject to victimisation and intimidation.

The company is based in London, but is funded by Qatar, which presents itself as a guard of rights and freedom in the Middle East. Qatar received wide support from The NUJ when its rival four Arab countries pressurised Doha to close down Al-Jazeera and other outlets, including Al-Araby TV.

The DM deplores victimising of NUJ reps and members and calls on the company and Qatar to allow freedom of joining the unions and pledges to take all actions to protect the members.

Proposed by Ahmed Elsheikh

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