Recent recognitions

In the last year, our members have achieved trade union recognition after long campaigns.

Members at Alaraby achieved recognition in June 2020: NUJ secures deal to represent journalists at Alaraby TV

Members at Iran International achieved recognition a few weeks ago: NUJ wins recognition at Iran International

Members at openDemocracy achieved recognition only last week: NUJ welcomes recognition at openDemocracy

Recognition means that the employer agrees to negotiate important issues with the union, including pay and conditions. Organising for recognition involves recruiting enough eligible people so that the majority of the “bargaining unit”, the agreed section of the overall staff the NUJ seeks to recognise, are members.

Then the union will formally contact the employer and ask for voluntary recognition. If they refuse, the union may engage in a formal recognition process through the Central Arbitration Committee. This is a long and complicated procedure and less than ideal.

If any chapel or group of members who have not yet organised into a chapel want help and support starting the process of organising for recognition, please get in touch with the branch. We have people who can advise you and also have funds to support activities.

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